Q: What do I wear for pole classes?

A: Feel free to wear clothing that exposes as much skin as possible.  It is easier to pole in yoga shorts, tank tops and sports bras.

Q: What do I wear for silks classes?

A: Okay, now we want you to cover up that skin! Wear leggings so the silks do not pinch that skin.

Q: What type of shoes do I wear?

A:  We really want you comfortable.  You can wear heels or sneakers to any of our classes.  

Q: What should I bring?

A: It is always nice to have water, a towel, some knee socks and knee pads.  We get down in Ground Control.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?

A: We gladly accept CASH, CREDIT (3.5% is added for transactions) and PAYPAL payments.

Q: Do you have to be an adult?

A: Our intro to pole class is very fun and non sensual!  We welcome all ages.

Q: Can men attend classes?

A: Men are welcome to attend our aerial silks classes.  

Frequently Asked Questions